Welcome to my website portfolio, my name is Kirstey-Anne Wernich.

I am a passionate freelance graphic designer based in Cape Town, offering my services locally and internationally. With a keen eye for detail and a love for creativity, I specialize in bringing bold and innovative ideas to life.

Collaboration lies at the heart of my process. By actively engaging with you, I strive to understand your vision, objectives, and aspirations, enabling me to deliver tailor-made designs that exceed your expectations. Whether it’s through effective communication channels or the use of the latest design tools and technologies, I am committed to providing you with a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout our creative journey together.



As a freelancer, I offer my creative services both locally and internationally, allowing me to connect with clients from all corners of the globe. whether you’re a local business looking to make a bold statement in Cape Town’s bustling marketplace or an international enterprise in search of a fresh and innovative design perspective, I am ready to embark on an exciting collaboration with you.

As a graphic design student nearing graduation with a degree in the field, I possess a versatile skill set that spans across various creative domains.

With extensive experience in Lightroom editing and color grading, I bring images to life by enhancing their visual impact. My proficiency in Photoshop and retouching allows me to refine and polish designs, ensuring they are flawless and captivating. Additionally, my photography background enables me to capture moments with a keen eye for composition and aesthetics. With Illustrator as one of my core tools, I have the ability to bring any design concept to reality, whether it’s crafting elegant wedding invites, creating engaging social media content, or designing captivating packaging and mock-ups. In my portfolio, you will find a seamless blend of technical expertise, artistic vision, and a passion for delivering compelling design solutions across a wide range of mediums.