Hey there, coffee lovers! Welcome to Purrfect Cup, where our coffee is as cozy as a cat on your lap.

At Purrfect Cup, we believe in striking the perfect balance between playfulness and sophistication, embracing a minimalistic approach that allows our muse, Kit, to take centre stage with his carefree spirit. This project was inspired by my cat “Kit” and is my take on a fun, lighthearted, illustrative-style coffee brand.


In essence, this redesign project for Yen’s Vietnamese street food is a strategic and intentional effort to enhance its visual identity. It underscores a commitment to blending tradition with a contemporary visual language, ensuring that every aspect aligns seamlessly with Yen’s current branding.


In crafting this campaign image for The Ordinary Skincare, I aimed to capture the essence of a dreamy, soft, and clean aesthetic that truly reflects the transformative power of the product itself.


The aim for this project was to make a positive impact and provide an educational experience for kids, while also offering a delicious and healthy snack option in a world where healthy isn’t always prioritised.

This product is designed with special seed paper packaging that encourages sustainability by providing a zero-waste snack option that can be planted and grown into flowers once you are done with it. Instilling good habits in children from a young age promotes a lifetime of healthy and responsible behaviour and helps set them up for success in all aspects of their lives.


CHERiCHAP is designed with teens in mind – those who are navigating the ups and downs of adolescence and want a beauty product that understands their unique needs. If you struggle with dry lips and want a lip gloss that cares as much as you do about looking and feeling great, then CHERiCHAP is your new beauty BFF.


Night-life Guardian is an initiative focused on enhancing the safety and empowerment of women in Cape Town’s CBD night-life scene. At its core, it involves a mobile app equipped with features like automated messages, location updates, and discreet alerts to ensure women’s security during nights out. The app fosters a supportive community and holds venues accountable through rating and reporting systems. Additionally, bathroom safety posters with QR codes provide immediate access to the app, and Instagram ads spread awareness, encouraging women to take charge of their safety. Night-life Guardian is a promise of safer, more empowering nights out for all women.


An entire rebrand was established for the West Coast National Park, including a new logo, visual identity, brochure, way finding and mobile app.

This mobile app for West Coast National Park is your ultimate companion for an unforgettable adventure. Explore the park’s breathtaking landscapes, encounter diverse wildlife, and uncover the hidden gems of its cultural heritage. Plan your visit with ease, access interactive maps, and discover exciting activities for all.


Showcasing the transformative power of Rare Beauty blush. Inspired by this cherished makeup product, I sought to capture a look that embraces and enhances my model’s natural radiance.

Within this campaign, my task was to accentuate her exquisite features by harnessing the gentle touch of the Rare Beauty cream blush. To bring this image to life, I drew upon my photography, studio lighting, Lightroom, and Photoshop expertise. In the studio, I skilfully crafted the perfect lighting setup to highlight her unique features and showcase the blush’s transformative effect. Every element, from the softness of the lighting to the precision of the composition, was thoughtfully orchestrated to create a captivating portrait that resonates with authenticity.